About Me

From a small town you’ve never heard of, and got my start as a writer interning for production companies you’ve also never heard of 🙂


I’m a writer!

Before Coronavirus, I worked the grind in Los Angeles as a temporary Intern across many production companies and talent agencies. My goal is to work freelance as a writer while I write my own books, including memoir and poetry, as I cannot return to life as I had previously known it.


Intern; Hunting Lane Production
(Jan-March 2020)
I would read scripts old and new and write about them either positively or negatively, depending on its suitability for the company’s brand. In some cases, books would need evaluating, music files needed finding, and pitch documents needed organizing.

Intern; Levantine Films
(Fall 2019)
Every morning I would search the local and global papers for trade-related articles and send emails to our bicoastal offices with whichever articles I’ve chosen and why. Aside from that, I would read through books and make outlines for screenwriters and producers interested in quick-reference searching. My work was strictly in aid of writers revising/adapting their own and purchased IP.

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